Post 2:Institutional Homophobia

12 Nov defines institutional homophobia (Blumenfeld) as the many ways in which government, businesses, churches, and other institutions and organizations discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation.

 The Westboro Church CLEARLY is part of this. The church bases whether or not you will be going to hell on your sexual orientation along with many other things that I will focus on in further week. The church tends to use the pride flag for opposite of what one would think when they saw it. They are using it to discriminate and in a way make an example of them.

In this video they compare being gay to being fat. How could these things even be comparable? They also compare this to a rapist pride. Being gay is something that they think you should be ashamed of. They think that there is no forgiving being a different sexual orientation. They pick out people that are of a different sexual orientation rather it be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and use them as an example of what god does not want, and how they, along with many world, are all going to hell and how god hates them.

Also in this video is part of the clip to there parody of Lady Gaga’s song Pokerface. Did you know the Westboro Church Hates Gaga? They have a whole campaign against her actually. WHY?  Because Lady Gaga is a public figure who happens to be bisexual. They have even picketed at one of her concerts. They held signs outside of the concert using the demining term FAG saying “God Hates Fags” and “Fags Are Beasts”. They are picking out one group in this situation and basically saying that for being different that they are the only ones going to hell during this specific situation. However this church has a habit of telling everyone that they are going to hell and how as there sign would read “GOD HATES THE WORLD”. But they pick there prime time to pick on people of a different sexual orientation and use the public views that Lady Gaga has as there opportunity to spread there hatred and negativity. This link has more information on the Lady Gaga picket.

These are just a few examples of the way that this one single church looks at sexual orientation and what they do to discriminate against the people that are of a different sexual orientation.

Blumenfeld, W. J. (2000). How homophobia hurts everyone, (pp. 267-275). In Adams et al. (eds), Readings for diversity and social justice, New York: Routledge Press.


One Response to “Post 2:Institutional Homophobia”

  1. elizabethjane7 November 16, 2011 at 12:42 am #

    This is an interesting post, and it always aggravates me to watch videos on the Westboro Baptist Church. I like how you elaborate how narrow minded their views are. I think Mayo’s article, Queer Lessons: Sexual and Gender Minorities in Multicultural Education has interesting concepts that could pertain to the churches views. Mayo claims that most harassement against LBGTQ people are verbal assaults. Do you know if the church has extended any actions other than verbal harassment? Could you find homosexual reactions to the church, counter protests? Obviously, their views are based of ignorance and fear- do you know what else the church draws their views on-besides the bible? Sorry for all the questions, just prompting ideas. Good post though!

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