Post 4: Intersectionality

20 Nov

Intersectionalityhas a great explionation here But I will try to summerize it, intersectionality basically is like an intersection between two or more identity markers. It is making a connection from one, or seeing how one would affect the other.

In my example of the Westboro Baptist Church, I talked about the identity marker sexual orientation in blog 2 and gender in blog 3. Another identity marker that I may throw around in this intersctionality blog is religion because it is a major part of this group, however I made the choice not to make one of my blogs about it because I do not feel confident enough in the information that I know, or think I know, to tell other people about it.

Gender is male of female. SIMPLE DONE!. But then you get into sexual orientation, and most would say okay you can be gay or straight, but not. You can be lesbian gay bisexual transgendered or straight. To the public, it is known that men like women and that women like men. This is a dominant thought. This is the way most are raised, you like the opposite of what you are, you get married and have a family, where you tell your children to marry people of the opposite sex. However, guys can be with guys, and women can be with women. It happens! Also there are people who like both men and women. Or even people who have both parts. Is there something wrong with these people? The Westboro Baptist Chruch would say yes. They argue that because there religion says its wrong that it is wrong. Something to think about though is that not everyone believe the same thing. However the continue to go out of there way to pickett funerals of homosexuals, because “GOD HATES FAGS” as they would say. Although legal, is this morally correct, is it ever okay to put down someone else belief?

They intersect gender and sexual orienation by saying that is one is a man and carries the man role, then they marry a women and live what is a so called dream to be life. They do not care about what one chooses for themself because it is wrong. If you are a male you like women, and if you are not straight then your going to hell and the people of this church will be evil towards you.



One Response to “Post 4: Intersectionality”

  1. morayjam December 3, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

    The gender roles assigned to each race correspond to the heterosexist expectations of the church, but could there be more to the intersectionality than this? Is there a different standard of strict sexual orientation standards for different genders, and if not in the Westboro Baptist Church, then why not? Also, you have lots of typos; you might want to reread this one.

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