Post 8: Reflections

3 Dec


This blog is probably one of the mot interesting ways that we could have learned, and I feel that following blogs that interested me made me learn the terms so much more, and think about these topics in a whole new way. A blog is a lot of work, I don’t quite think that anyone in the class noticed how much work the blog would be when we first started it and then once it came to the end we all noticed how hard it was and personally I noticed how far I stretched things to get them to fit what I needed it to say. I feel like i didn’t quite have a good understanding of what we were supposed to do when I picked the blog and that caused for trouble through the entire thing. 

Also with everything else that this class going on in the class I feel that I did not have the appropriate amount to put towards my blog, or enough input on what I was doing to correct what I was doing wrong.

I really did like the blogging process though because it was different then having to sit down and write a paper all at once. It helped us to separate ideas and how they connected to the class and how things that we see every day has there own issues. Breaking down these media artifacts was probably the most interesting thing that we could have done, and being online, while distracting, is super nice. It’s easy to be able to access this information no matter where I am at, and it was nice to be able to use videos, pictures or links to connect to what I was trying to say. In a paper you can not do that. Also the comments from people were nice to be able to go back and change what they said. And if you had a misunderstanding of what was supposed to be done, you were able to go back and change it or even get clarity on a subject. This was a very unique hard interesting assignment.

My suggestions would be to maybe spread this assignment out a little more, and have more strict deadlines on when posts, comments are due and maybe keep up with the students to see if they are on the right track of what you want them to do. I think this is a great assignment and with some tweecking could be very valuable to future TE students.


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