4 Nov

I will be bloging about the Westboro Baptist Church and there beliefs. This is the video I will base my blog on for the next few weeks.

This video is a great example of all ways one can be discriminated against. Not only is there the typical discrimination on race but there is hatred towards religions against the military people because they fight for America. This video also shows some examples of Gender roles, even though they are not as obvious due to the outrageous controversial attacks in this video. Another thing I will be discussing in future weeks in the hatred towards anyone that is a different sexual orientation. Another thing I would like to discuss is different racial roles in this church.

This video is a good example of social identities and how almost everything that defines a person affects how people look at another. Also the people of the church think that they have conferred dominance over everyone one else. This causes for everyone else to be oppressed by this group. Also this is an example of instutional discrimination due to them thinking that they have control over these groups. Also cultural imperialism is existent. It also makes me question the role that women play in the families in the church. There are examples of institution homophobia as well as homophobic conditioning. These will be the main things that I will be focusing my blog on for the next few weeks.